What's In My Bag...Coachella Edition

Happy Monday, babes!!! Today is another exciting day for us because we've started a new segment on the blog called "What's in My Bag?" that will feature different bags, items, and ideas for surviving festival season in style. Each bag we feature will only feature contents that will serve as a Coachella Survival Guide type of situation. What do we think are essentials for festival season? We'll keep you updated each week on our picks... This is our first week and we're so happy to show our first "What's in My Bag" feature! This is the ever-popular Sancia Babylon Fringe Bar Bag that was just featured on our current top trend for Coachella 2015. Fringe accessories are everything for the festival...and lucky for us, this hot bag fits a TON of Coachella essentials. The girl who buys the Sancia Babylon bag is a trend setter, she goes to the festival for the music first so she wants to be comfortable, but she also is obsessed with a little bohemian festival fashion and likes to feel some serious 1960s Woodstock vibes while enjoying the festival. This girl is a modern-day flower child and always has a hat and sunnies with her at all times to maybe have a bit of privacy from pictures and just enjoy the music. She is effortless and likes to mix and match textures, colors and patterns...this is what she's packing for Coachella: 1.Flash Tattoos-For a little eye-catching body-bling. 2. A Floppy Hat-To stay incognito from a fashion bloggers lense and keep the sun out of her eyes. 3. Extra Top- This one is One Teaspoon, because she'll want a mid-day outfit change to keep it unexpected. 4. Blanket- For kicking back and enjoying the music in style. This one is Kamp & Co. 5. Lots of Lip Product...because we know it gets dry in the desert heat! 6. Sunnies- These are Raen and she loves them for their classic Johnny Cash vibe..& we do too!! 7. Matches- This girl happens to be camping and doesn't go anywhere without her fav SCF matches 8. Amethyst- This boho babe always has stones on her for good festival vibes! photo 4 (7)photo 1 (8)photo 3 (8) Happy Monday!! XOXO, Alex  

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