Desert Trending: Statement Sunglasses

Happy Tuesday, babes!! So, by now you know we're in full Coachella-prep mode...and I'm sure you're wondering what are some easy ways to switch up your look come your days in the desert. on because I'm dropping another major trend you'll see this season: statement sunnies!! The first trend for the desert was the fringe bag, and now it's the statement sunglasses...I mean, both of these trends are beautiful and eye-catching. You can't go wrong with either. Ever. For this feature...we're showing our latest shipment of Raen Sunglasses. The latest from Raen is exactly what we have in mind for you...they're bright, unexpected, and amazing quality!! Coachella is one of the only times your accessories do most of the talking...because let's face'll be so hot you won't really be wearing anything. The accessories make the look! These Raen Remmy's are SO GOOD! These are the more classic choice out of the new Raen sunglasses...and that makes them wearable forever. These Remmys are always a best-seller because of the quality and the fact that they are flattering on all face shapes. Over-sized sunglasses are sometimes harder for everyone to make work, but the smaller the sunglasses, the more universally flattering they are! This season, the ever-popular Remmy sunglasses made an appearance in Green and Crystal Rose....this means that color is going to be key for sunglasses! Speaking of colored sunglasses, The Raen Maude sunnies in coral are here to make all your dreams come true. Coral is so perfect for the is green....and so is crystal rose. We're obsessed!! Check em out! Ending on a high note, the Raen Volants are EVERYTHING. This style is so feminine and just really cool and pretty. This shape is the new cat eye-wayfare could you go wrong with something like that? The fact that they are black on black doesn't make them any less of a statement...the shape of these guys is enough to make you stand me. remmycobalt remmygreenrose maudecoralcrsy VOLANTBLACK1. XOXO, Alex

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