Happy Tuesday, Babes!! Our latest mini-lookbook  "The Catamaran" has landed! This time around we're featuring all new goodies from designer The Jetset Diaries. The minute we saw their latest pieces we knew we had to hit the beach, preferably a yacht...but we settled on an amazing hotel in San Diego "The Catamaran". It's pretty much the same vibe as a yacht, right?! It was seriously working for us...The Jetset Diaries is all about upscale and exotic pieces that look effortless while still remaining glamorous. Looking for a classic yet beachy stripe? They have it. Looking for the latest huge trend, the micro-romper? They have the best!! Check out the latest from The Jetset Diaries and get ready to be swept away by their amazing patterns and prints.003X6350-683x1024 003X6377-683x1024 003X6389-683x1024 003X6394-1024x683 003X6398-683x1024 003X6423-683x1024 003X6429-683x1024 003X6445-683x1024 003X6508-683x1024 003X6587-683x1024 003X6643-683x1024 003X6648-683x1024 003X6684-683x1024 003X6754-683x1024 003X6877-683x1024 003X6917-683x1024 003X6969-683x1024 003X6978-683x1024XOXO, Alex

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