Highway Hitchhike: What You Need Now

"It's hot, I mean really hot, and you've been cramped in the back of Veronica's beat-up car with four other friends for the past hour listening to Chet Faker and daydreaming about the festival you're about to attend. You haven't slept in a while and you're okay with it. Your hair is a total mess. Your boots are scuffed, and yet, your eyes are sparkling. You've never been a girly-girl...it's not rock n' roll. You're a little more rough around the edges. Veronica warns everyone she may run out of gas...a few friends laugh in disbelief and crank up Chet Faker. Reality doesn't exist right now...this is festival season. All the sudden, Veronica's car actually runs out of gas and the six of you are stranded....the air is hot and the gravel road is full of desert sand. Indio is in the discance...so close yet so far. About a mile up you see what looks to be an old truck stop. You and a few friends decide to check it out, because one way or another you're making it to the festival. Veronica and the others decide to stay back with the car. They switch the music from Chet Faker to Jenny Lewis. You hear it grow faint in the background as you trek closer to the seemingly-abandoned truck stop. The sun is strong...you roll the sleeves of your vintage tee and wish your flask that's full of Jack Daniels was full of water...just for the time being. When you finally reach the abandoned truck stop...you discover a car pulled off to the side and run over to ask for help. You seriously lucked out! Being stranded in the desert with a busted car is fun for a while....but not while Coachella is happening a few miles away! After a little coaxing and a trade...gas for the car in exchange for the rest of your Jack Daniels...you return to Veronica's car with a container full of enough gasoline to make it to Coachella. Time to get back on the road again...." Our latest lookbook "Highway Hitchhike" celebrates the wild and free ways of classic Americana festival style. Like I said, reality doesn't exist during festival season...If this vibe really speaks to you, I'm here to let you know exactly how you can achieve this look with only one key piece! You can take your wardrobe to the festival and feel the "Highway Hitchhike" energy immediately. If I were to pick a piece from the latest lookbook that embodies the classic-Americana-highway-hitchhike vibes the most...I would say that the Spell & The Gypsy Collective Island Boho Gown in Turquoise is your new go-to. This piece is something that's out of the norm for the everyday fashion babe...so that's why its exactly perfect for the festival!! We want you a bit out of your comfort zone, in the best way possible. Get ready to rock the festival in this number...we'll be looking for you out there! 2019spellmaxitur3 spellturqmaxi spellturqmaxi4 XOXO, Alex

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