"Highway Hitchhike" Trending: White on White

Happy Thursday, babes! Today we dive deeper into our latest lookbook "Highway Hitchhike" and reveal a major festival trend you babes can expect to see out in the desert. "Highway Hitchhike" is all about feeling free, rough around the edges, and effortless with a unique VDV spin on classic Americana style. A major trend we focused on for "Highway Hitchhike" was white-on-white. We're obsessed with this look because it's modern and chic while still remaining young and fun. Keep out the color and highlight your 'fit with cool and interesting accessories. Another huge plus? White keeps you cool in the desert heat and is better when you find yourself needing to lightly-layer later on in the evening. To keep it easy, I'm not going to be picky with you....all shades of white can be paired together to create a more effortless vibe. Didn't think it was okay to pair cream, eggshell, and bright white? Think again. There are no rules here. Even though white isn't an obvious pattern...it can still make a HUGE statement on the festival fields. White stands out in the sun so it's a guarantee all eyes will be on you. White pieces are also daring because they may be on the sheer side, but we want that...if the piece is sheer just own it. "Highway Hitchhike" is all about keeping your clothes semi-wrinkled, your hair messy, and your boots sandy...so any imperfections are seriously welcome with us. Keep yourself unique. It's really cool because all different types of VDV babes can rock this all-white look, and I'm here to show you exactly how: For a bohemian soul looking to dress a bit more "Highway Hitchhike" we heavily suggest the Cleobella Aquarius Kimono paired with the Spell & The Gypsy Collective Sahara Crop...when these two pair together they're immediately a match. Spell is all about the bohemian spirit and Cleobella is hippie with a rock n' roll edge. Pair these two with your dusty favorite boots and call it a day! Another white-on-white idea is courtesy of our fav Malibu cool-kid designer Tasi. They've created serious magic over at the Tasi headquarters this season because this Lake tank and matching Chelsea shorts are white-on-white heaven! We love the small blue embroidery detail to give it a little flavor. We'd rock this look with some old white converse and messy hair! Obviously throw on tons of Child of Wild gems...It is festival season after all. For the barely-there babe, we have the EPIC Cali Dreaming Lyra bikini top and Crux bottoms...this suit is white at it's best...what's hotter than a skimpy white bikini in the desert heat? NOTHING. Throw on the Somedays Lovin Lazin Cape for when the breeze kicks in or your alcohol blanket wares off... Finally, this one's for the romantic babe looking for a festival white-on-white 'fit...it is a MUST that you wear the For Love & Lemons Pina Colada Mini Dress....This dress is everything! "Highway Hitchhike" is for the girl who takes her personal style and just revs it up a notch...so if you've always admired the feminine and romantic designer For Love & Lemons...this mini dress is the perfect piece for your festival wardrobe. It's classic Americana sexed up a bit. We throw on a ton of 2Bandits jewelry with this dress to make it feel a bit more western as opposed to dressy, and keep the hair effortless, too...you'll be an obvious heart-breaker in this look....there's no way around it. Trust us! XOXO, Alex   5716

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