Festival Fashion Staple: Novella Royale

moonfire1_granderosemoroccon2_grande susiskirtmorrocon3_grande luxgold3_grandefoxmorrocon_grandeblackhazely2_grandefoxgold_grande NOVELLA ROYALE: A FESTIVAL CLASSIC Want a classic festival look that is a tried and true winner? I would have to say that Novella Royale is probably the most classic-cool-boho way to go. Now, the best thing about this designer is the fact that they are so beloved by everyone, they really could stick to their classic pieces...but they always push the boundary with new silouhettes and keep us excited for whats coming next. Novella always has something new to offer, while still keeping to their hippie babe vibe. This time around they went full 1970s. I mean, the Moonfire dress is pretty insane. When was the last time you saw a dress like that other than possibly from an old movie or Brady Bunch episode. One thing to take away from all this? The 70s are back. Big time. We couldn't be happier. To further fuel our love for 70's fashion....we went to Pinterest to get more inspo... 0aa09237deb6085a5df54b341228f48c 0c354063ff8a0c58e509505ec9f23785 1d9d7dd91259f871418a313c86079e5a 1e8ab681ea16f46f765ab178457eadc1 399f35d6d419411f9922e386cbf3f2b7 516e42a4c702d8ca41cdfa62f034055f 4408adcac18c7ec7d15e2cf6a2afafd7 Festival season is something that originally started with Woodstock in 1969...so music festivals really got their groove in the 70s. We love how Novella Royale keeps that spirit alive with all of their amazing pieces, and enjoy the nostalgia that this collection brings. Take your grandparents shopping with you this time and ask about their stories of being young in the 70s...guaranteed, there will be stories of them rocking similar outfits at music festivals. We're kind of obsessed with the Novella Royale Fox Dress and think it's an easy and effortless throw-on for summer festivals and beyond. This dress gives that 70s vibe but the cut is totally cool and modern....impossible not to be in love. We're really into it with the Lovely Bird hat and Free People Sunever sandals!! Such a classic boho babe...who doesn't love that? XOXO, Alex foxmorrocon_grandesuneverrust1_grande

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