The "Neo-Boho" Romper in Black

12d15ae3144bb5c2450a33bf278f9fa8 17b7dba1e9ee713be7c285a49799bebe 14640d3e8640e4c71454d86a00b957f1 3342881a8b50df759acfecc81d4bf541 38483258eac90e7c435ca8488d6bf8b9 b83a9dd6050331bfd29019d25b076a68 c55b7b50eb98ef8307f66422fdb3803f d5e92a933891c5aeeb4c7e152219cc10 9  FOR DARKER DAYS... "Neo-Boho" is definitely all about edging up classic bohemian style. And we really are loving an edgier this post is all about continuing that feel. Yes, you can totally rock an edgy vibe with an all white 'fit...but we're going to replicate our favorite "Neo-Boho" looks in black today...we're feeling a little witchy. We love all our VDV babes no matter their style, if you're a total hippie chick, beach punk, grunge or if you're feminine & romantic...we love all of it!! And it's all featured in "Neo-Boho"! Our model babes Leore and Kylie rock the hippie chick look with their face paint and turquoise jewels. They're a little beach punk with Kylie's hair and choker necklaces. Their dusty well-loved boots are grungy, and the Stone Cold Fox rompers and mini dresses are feminine and romantic! See? We got you. We've recently gotten the raddest black dresses into VDV HQ and this got me thinking....these new black numbers are TOTALLY "Neo-Boho" just in black. So, here it is. Our favorite "Neo" looks in black. If you want to replicate the classic SCF white lace romper pictured above on model Leore, you will want the Winston White Chile romper in black!! It's seriously everything, with a little more of a relaxed fit. Totally witchy-boho. So into it. If you love the SCF Luke dress in the lookbook, then you NEED the For Love & Lemons Pina Colada mini dress in black. This dress will give you the same vibe as the Luke dress, just a bit of a edgier vibe. "Neo-Boho" also celebrates a modern take on boho fashion, and I feel like the Stillwater T-Shirt Maxi Dress accomplishes that because it's flowy and long like a bohemian maxi moment, but the silhouette is totally modern and new...we are obsessed!!! It's a must-have piece. If you totally dig the Somedays Lovin Lonely Floral bodysuit in "Neo" for it's funky flair, then you are the type of babe who needs to rock our new like WAYF. Try the Pineapple Tee Shirt Dress. pinadressblack3_grande pineappledress3_grande stillwatermaxi1_grande winstonblack1_grande   XOXO, Alex

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