"Festival Magnetism" Trend: Embellished

BEADS, SEQUINS, LUREX, LAZER-CUT: 0c3068fc8ec6e1a42b3d528e41b7ad93 2f39cbf6e7b558db9bf0512608ad6aba 8156bc85210c113cbf07d195c7155545 98470448c8eaece35a89ecf0897c60e2 a70c8921c53c2c17291145a5751693df b2a6c7131dab7f4946443eb9d71998bc e4446a1f9740d964fbdc50fa0077b10a ec2a701f0a01cd00996d6ff8ab175550     This is one trend that will definitely be seen out in the desert and is a HUGE trend for us regarding our latest Festival Fortunes lookbook "Festival Magnetism"! I mean, we're really feeling the opulent, luxe, over-the-top vibe that embellished pieces bring, especially to a rustic environment like the desert...we love this contrast. Embellished pieces for us are beaded, have sequins, involve lurex fabric, and are laser-cut. Some example pieces are the Cleobella Aquarius kimono, the Cleobella Dali playsuit, the Amuse Beach Bling Shorts, and the MinkPink Lackawanna Blues Shorts! somedaysbrownshorts1_grandecleoromperblack1_grande cleokimonobeaded1_grandebeachbling3_grande "Festival Magnetism" is all about letting go and enjoying the festival in the chicest way possible, there are actually more dark colors in this lookbook than any of our previous "Festival Fortunes" lookbooks, because we thing that dark colors in the desert are more refined and luxurious...just like our FM girl. If you want to hear the story of the "Festival Magnetism" girl check out our Trends Page! If you feel connected to our Festival Magnetism girl, then the pieces above are totally for you. At this year's festival, take the eye-catching route instead of playing it safe, that's what we'll be doing. Black patterned rompers, face paint, braids in your hair, and plenty of silver jewels around your neck....these are the things you need this season... 58970004festival magnetism, sheer kimono, van de vort

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