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60s and 70s Accessories

First thing is first. I Saw Her Standing There is all about embracing the past in new and modern ways with MAJOR influences from the 1960s and 70s. If this is your speed and you're into it, this is the post for you. This time, I'm breaking down the looks for you and describing why we chose the accessories we did. In the above image, we went with early-60s inspired Raen sunglasses because we wanted the look to feel instantly vintage. These frames are everything and are totally on trend. We really wanted this mini lookbook to feel like an old photo album from your grandma's hay day. Summer was all about music, psychedelic prints, and groovy lawn chairs. Sounds like heaven.

Groovy Prints and Bold Statements

For this Novella Royale Goldie Dress, we needed a bold gold moment to really get the sunny 70s vibe across, so of course we added an easy large gold statement necklace to the outfit and we love how it ended up looking with the sunshine in the air and the gold tones of the mini dress itself. The sunglasses we chose for this look were totally mod 60s to keep the look a little unexpected and funky. We LOVE a clear frame pair of sunglasses and feel it totally completed this look. D'Blanc create unique sunnies that stand out. We're so into it.

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