Novella Royale Summer 2015 Trends


Before Too Long, I Fell In Love With Her

Novella Royale Summer 2015 Trends are magic. The second you put on a piece of their latest collection, it almost immediately transports you back in time to when the 70s were bright and young and new. The patterns were loud, yet tasteful, and there was love in the air. When we initially tried on the Novella Royale Gold Dahlia Dress it almost felt like coming home. Like we had been gone for a while trying to discover ourselves, and came home to find out we had been the person we wanted to be all along, wearing Novella Royale. It just feels right. The trends are strong but subtle. Like a smooth summer breeze, or the beginning of falling in love. You know what this feeling is. It's comforting, familiar, yet something new all together. The late 60s are also a huge influence within the latest Novella Royale pieces. The late 60s was all about music and young love and acceptance, just like each sun-drenched Novella look. You can just feel it. Like someone hit you over the head with a tambourine. It's instant. You understand this trend. If you want to wear long printed bell bottoms, you can. That's the beauty of Novella Royale: fashion freedom. With the 1970s and 60s comes unique silhouettes. Novella went there with their ever popular Janis Bells and their Goldie Mini Dress. Welcome to the world of extremes. We're glad you're here. Novella Royale Janis Bells are soft and comfortable and romantic in an effortless way, this is how clothes should make you feel. It's not about wearing the least amount of fabric to feel empowered or confident anymore. This is about you. 10 Novella Royale Janis Bells09 Novella Royale Goldie Dress

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