Style Novella Royale Your Way



I Saw Her Standing There embodies fashion freedom. A concept where there really is no right and wrong anymore. Wear what you want, how you want. Mix influences and cross decades. 60s and 70s? Let's just go for it. In our case, we wanted her to feel very sunny and golden. Her heart is open and it's almost summer. A little mini shift dress is absolutely called for, and in her case, all she could find when she was scrambling out of her hippie van after a long night on the road. The gold jewelry fell effortlessly on top of the marigold mini dress, and all was right in the world. The clear-frame sunglasses were an ode to the late 60s with a hint of modern flair. See? We were mixing decades and it worked seamlessly. Try it with us. This girl has let go of any rules. She dresses for herself, and we urge you to do the same. If you want to throw a Novella Royale Kimono with a Novella Royale Janis it. We're taking the 60s-70s intention here, everything's fair game.


From the beach babe to the night owl to the funky dresser...Novella Royale kind of always just works! Check out three different examples of how to switch up this mini dress. Each look effortlessly switches from event to event. Whether you've got a beach birthday party or want a night out on the town, or even have a festival to go to...this is the piece you need. This is the piece of the moment. photo 2 (13)photo 1 (15)photo 3 (14)

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