Valley Eyewear: Endless Inspiration

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Vally is dark. They explore untouched back alleyways of the fashion industry that many fear to go. They make you feel something, something different. It’s for a moment, uncomfortable. But it’s art in the most raw form. Something this world really needs. We like to carry designers that are unique and are paving their own way in the business, and we’re always inspired by the geniuses over at Valley Eyewear. We stand behind them for their amazing looking product, but also for the feeling you get when you actually wear a pair of these shades. It changes you, it’s okay to let yourself feel a little darker, sometimes it’s a welcome change. Valley has nurtured their creation for years, making sure they use the best of the best to create. Create little masterpieces, really. With italian optical specialists in their back pocket, the expertise of Valley is really something special, admirable. You feel like you’ve been bewitched the moment you sport a pair, it’s something otherworldly. Celebrate the oddities in life. This is how you should feel. It’s not just shopping anymore, it’s an extension of who you are. Be unafraid to explore the more artistic side of yourself, it’s there. Valley will help you get there. So will we.



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