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Take It Easy, Baby

As the days get warmer and longer, you shouldn't worry about your wardrobe as much, just take it easy. We're always into a girl in a classic tee shirt and jeans, I mean, hi old Calvin Klein ads! This look is one that will never go out of style. At VDV, we have a ton of new tee shirts and tee shirt brands coming in to keep you excited about a classic look. There is always a new version, a new silhouette...Innovation definitely happens in the world of the tee shirt, it's just a little more subtle. We're into subtlety. It's refreshing. In our world, fashion is constantly moving forward and changing at a rapid pace, so it's nice to see things that remain constant. The staple leather jacket, the skinny jean, the favorite tee shirt. These are things that will always be. Will they take different forms? Yes. But, will it always be something comfortable, safe, and classic? Yes. We have some new brands killing the game, like Daydreamer and Rue Stiic who take the tee shirt to a whole new level. We're endlessly inspired by them. Either they're getting inspired from vintage tees or reinventing the classic plain white tee...it's all good with us.



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