Keep The Romance

There's Love in the Air

skivviesblushbottom1_grande skivviesroseblushtop_f7460abf-d051-48ee-b206-45e5581786cc_grande stillwatergypsydressorchid2_grandedaftbirdblackdress1_grandejetsetromperC2_grande We love ourselves some romantic pieces hanging in our wardrobe. It's just nice to know they're there. You never know when you'll need a little black dress for dinner or a sexy yet chic romper for cocktails...sometimes the best moments are unplanned, so you should have a few pieces like this in your closet at all times. Every girl needs a few staple pieces... The first thing you need? A really good lingerie set: We've chosen to feature the latest For Love and Lemons Snapdragon Set in Blush. This set is classic and sexy and young all in one. We love this new blush tone because it softens you up and is feminine without being overtly in your face. It looks great with all hair colors, too! We love that this bra has underwire so it serves up some serious support if you need it and just looks cute if you don't need it! The cheeky panty is super flirty and girly and will look good underneath clothes just as well as it will work without any clothes at all! For Love and Lemons Skivvies cover all the bases... The next piece you'll need? A romantic maxi dress: This is a piece you can have some serious fun with. This is where you can show your personality. We die for this Stillwater Gypsy Dress and adore the modern flowers and high-neckline. Normally, one wouldn't necessarily think of a high-neck as something sexy...but it totally is! You don't need to give it all away upfront. Plus there's a huge slit in the front of this number to keep it romantic with a little edge. Our Current Favorite Casual LBD: This is a new take on a classic piece. When I think of an LBD, I think of a fancy little dress...but now it's all about keeping it casual. We've taken something elegant and turned it down a few notches. We LIVE for Daftbird and love their little scoop-neck mini dress. It's effortlessly sexy. Wear it with a bra or without...kind of epic both ways. XOXO, VDV

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