The Late 90s Are Seriously Trending


Get ready ladies, the late 90s are back and better than ever. This means dusting off the beanie baby collection and trying to bring your Tamogachi back to life...grab the Furby, grab the Lip Smackers, and check out old Delia's catalogs for inspo. It's here. We blew up all of our old bubble furniture and turned on Alanis Morsette to fully get back into the groove of the late 90s...And we're definitely back in that mindset! Head over to Pinterest to see what other images are giving us serious inspiration. From denim skirts to graphic printed tank tops...this trend has us excited. 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