Make Your Outfit Instantly Groovier

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70s-ify Your Wardrobe...Here's How

We all are getting used to the fact that the 1970s are back and aren't going anywhere for a while. In the meantime, you stare at your current closet and wonder how you can rock this trend without scrapping everything and starting over with a new Marsha Brady wardrobe. Don't's actually pretty easy to take your current pieces and turn the decades back about 40 years.Gold is so 70s already, then add a cool black or cream pendant and it's a done deal! So easy, too. look. The next way to easily change your wardrobe is with a pair of 70s sunglasses. We used to think of these sunnies as grandma-chic, but now it's totally current. From brown gradients to over-sized's definitely an exaggerated look. We love it. 70s sunnies are a great way to adopt the trend without too much commitment. And hey, if you sport the sunglasses for a while and still need more...we have plenty of 70s gear for your next phase. Every 70s babe from the early 70s to the late disco-era all had one thing in common: The classic pair of cut-off denim shorts. Our One Teaspoon Cobain Bonitas are as much of a throwback as you can get and they go with everything. Sport these bad boys with a vintage ringer tee or a mini little bandana-print crop top. You'll look like an effortless 70s dream babe. In the last phase of our 70s attire...we have the latest pieces from Stone Cold Fox. They're taking a nod to the later 70s when roller rinks were all the rage and disco music was bumping in the background. Big bouncy curls were popular and colors were bright. SCF's new take on this vibe is more simplified and classic, while keeping their heart in the 1970s. Bell sleeves and groovy prints remain constant and keep us dreaming. XOXO, Alex

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