BTS: Who Do You Love

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Laid Back in the Late 70s

This time around, we decided to head out to an open space with our latest 1970s inspired shipments and go somewhere that felt natural and effortless. With a big thanks to Cleobella, MinkPink, and LACAUSA, we were really feeling mid-to-late 70s disco runaways vibes. We liked the idea of really muting the color palate and going a little lighter for spring and summer. We are obviously loving this 70s trend, but wanted to have our own unique version. Luckily, we happen to be situated somewhere where there happens to be a lot of open terrain, so we just went with it! We loaded up the car in search of the perfect space. Keeping in mind the 70s vibe, we also were feeling the Americana feel some of the pieces had. It's all very American, really. The classic pigskin shorts with aviators and a rustic denim jacket...the bohemian maxi, the 60s shift dress? All trends that started in America in the late 60s and early 70s. We wanted to really tell a story here, so we created a girl who lived out in the middle of nowhere in the 70s but had really amazing style, wanting to leave her tiny town. We started her off at the strawberry stand and then moved through the story. She grew tired of her surroundings and decided to hop on a tractor for a ride anywhere but where she lived. She just wanted to leave. After traveling around from farm to farm seeing a bit more of the world around her, she decided it was her home and embraced the natural girl she was. Who does she love? Her home.

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