How To Style A Romper Like An Insta-Girl

vagabond red romper, bb dakota leather jacket, free people boots, janessa leone hat You can tell a lot about a girl by her Instagram. In just a few little squares you're able to sum up who she hangs with, where she eats, and which side she considers her "good side." And while we're all a little different in our Instagram style, we can almost all agree on one thing--that we wanna look damn good in each pic we post. Which is why we're such huge advocates of this Vagabond romper. Whether you're an infamous food photog, selfie-ing with friends, or just slangin' those sunsets, we've got three ways to wear this little number, all of which will elicit more "likes" than you thought possible.

vagabond romper, feather necklace

For The "Always Having Fun" Insta-Girl

Your feed is full of spontaneous trips, insane vacays, and every post gives your followers serious FOMO. "Does she like, LIVE at music festivals?" Further perpetuate your wanderlust-ing ways by dressing the part. Play up the floaty sleeves and fun floral print with a long feather necklace and your go-to boots. You know, the ones you bring everywhere? vagabond red romper, bb dakota leather jacket, wool felt fedora, child of wild necklace

For The "Use Sparingly" Insta-Girl

This getup is great for the girl who wants to make a serious statement. You're definitely not a serial-'grammer, but when you do 'gram, you make it count. Do the same for this dramatically deep V-neck by pairing it with an eye-catching Child Of Wild statement necklace, badass leather jacket and black ankle booties. And since you're not typically one for selfies, go incognito with a wide brimmed, felt fedora. vagabond say it again romper, red romper, gold body chain

For The "Trendy AF" Insta-Girl

The next big thing? You already posted it about...a month ago. Stay ahead of the curve (as you always do) by keeping your accessories simple and letting the short shorts, belted waist and on-trend wine-red color of this romper do the talking. Pair with an of-the-moment pointed heel and a simple, delicate Colt necklace from Vanessa Mooney. No really, that's it--#nofilterneeded.

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