Not Your Typical Festival Fashion - KAABOO 2015

festival fashion, free people denim We officially have no chill. KAABOO, Del Mar's first-ever festival, is right around the corner and we're losing our minds over it. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet: 1. Please come out from the under the rock which you've been living, and 2. Get on it. In addition to live music (obvs), the weekend promises no port-a-potty lines and no concession stand pizza, and will instead be serving up regional delicacies to nosh on and craft libations to sip. KAABOO is everything a typical music festival is not (I mean, climate-controlled areas to hang in between sets?), and you should def be dressed accordingly--meaning no flower crowns and no face paint. An event this good in our own backyard gives us an opportunity to do festival fashion on our own terms--San Diego inspired, with subtle nods to the headlining acts we're dying to see. Shop the entire KAABOO inspired Collection from VDV. one teaspoon denim, army green jacket, 90's choker

Friday Night at No Doubt

Belting the lyrics to "Just a Girl" and idolizing Gwen Stefani; yep, pretty much sums up our adolescence. We'll be vying for a spot front and center on Friday night to watch our girl and the rest of No Doubt rock steady. Make your teenage self proud in this grownup version of a grunge getup: a black and white striped tank, slouchy ripped denim, topped off with an army green anorak. Accessorize with a sick pair of sunnies and a throwback stretch tattoo choker. flannel, one teaspoon bandits, child of wild necklace

Saturday Night at Zac Brown Band

Whether you can or can't two step makes no difference--Zac Brown Band is guaranteed to be a good time. Channel your inner California-girl-gone-country in a super soft flannel, vintage cowboy boots, and a pair of (cutoff) jeans that fit just right, like these One Teaspoon Bandits. Oversized sunnies, a Child of Wild statement necklace and a cold beer in hand make for the perfect accessories. free people jeans, leather jacket, crop top

Sunday Night at The Killers

Start the rebellion against Sunday Scaries by totally ignoring the fact, and dancing what's left of the weekend away at The Killers. Go for classic indie rock in skinnies ripped at the knee, a leather moto jacket and a cropped graphic tee. Add Child of Wild choker and pair of big ass sunnies, a must-have at the end of any three-day festival. We suggest you request Monday off ASAP.

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