The Latest From Junim LA Owner & Designer Haley Solar

junimlarockybarnesfeatured A little over a year ago we were lucky enough to sit down with Haley, the brainchild, owner, and designer behind Junim LA. From the hand dyed silk dresses to the one of a kind glitter spec'd party frocks (which made appearances in our latest House of Tricks lookbook), Haley's collections exude the luxe, bohemian vibes that speak straight to the souls of our VDV Babes. You may have noticed a few of Junim LA's newest pieces making their way in-store (though they don't stick around for long, the stuff sells like hotcakes), and with more on the way, we decided a chat with the boss lady herself was well overdue. From what she wears on a typical day in her studio to her philosophy on party dresses, we're hashing it all out with Haley from Junim LA. VDV: Is there a certain woman or persona you design for when creating pieces for Junim LA? Haley:  She's no wallflower! I design for the women I surround myself with, adventurous, driven, intelligent, creative...mothers, daughters, entrepreneurs, artists, designers. I like to create pieces that are unique and special but don't overpower the woman who wears them. junimleopardmini2 A lot of the items in your Indio collection feature hand dyed silks in some super dreamy colors. What was your inspiration in creating these items?

Absolutely LA. The sunsets of this city are so off-the-charts gorgeous I wanted to make something that echoed that. The hand dyeing part came as an accident; when I couldn't execute the idea with a dye house or print shop I brought it in-house and that's made all the difference.

What is your favorite way to wear and style the pieces from your Indio collection?

As a designer I'm constantly hopping on cutting tables, in between machines and hauling bolts of fabric. I can't wear anything too complicated so I love to just throw on flats or boots and a little Indio silk dress. I'm ready for running around the studio but also for a customer to pop in and shop!


Tell us about the new glitter spec'd fabrics and where the inspiration came from in creating pieces like the Jagger Romper, Fifty Four Mini, etc.

It was sort of the natural progression of all the bohemian styling that's been out there the last few years...I mean, what came after folk? DISCO!!

We're loving the maxi dresses--especially the Gold Lacquer Maxi and Kaila Maxi. To what occasion would you wear each, respectively?

I say everywhere! I'm of the mindset...If you buy it, the party will come.


Which piece from your most recent collections is most special to you, and why?

The Indio silk collection will always have my heart. Each piece that goes out gets so much personal attention from me. I obsess over the colors making each piece a little work of art.

Want to know more about Haley, Junim LA, and how she got her start? Here's a video from our last interview with her. Because who says throwbacks have to wait for Thursdays?

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