How To Shop The Sales (& Keep Your Sanity)

van de vort black friday sales, cyber monday There are two types of people in this world--those who love scoring a killer deal no matter what's required, and those who'd rather do anything else besides stand in line on big sale days. Regardless of which side of the sale spectrum you rep, there's no denying that this weekend is one of the biggest of the year when it comes to shopping steals. Whether you're ready to face the crowds on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, or planning to snag deals from the comfort of home on Cyber Monday, here are our tips for shopping the sales and keeping your sanity. pickyourpoison Think about your shopping habits (in-person or online? more into meticulous browsing or going with your gut?) and pick your poison accordingly. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday shoppers will definitely get first pick of the loot, but those who hold off until Cyber Monday can avoid some of the hassle and take their time. subscribetosave Don't want to wait? We'll be extending our Black Friday sale to online shoppers--just make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter to get all the deets. Email subscribers will get the code before anyone else, so make sure you're on the list if you want first dibs on all the deals! comeearly If you've decided to hit the shops Black Friday, show up early. Consider this the one instance where arriving fashionably late just won't cut it. The Black Friday sale at Van de Vort starts at 10am Friday and lasts through Monday, but no guarantees on what styles and sizes will be left on the last day of the sale. dontgoitalone Sending selfies from the dressing room and asking your BFF, "should I get this?" won't cut it this weekend. Bring your bestie along for the ride so you've got someone to give it to you straight when you're on the fence about an item. getcomfortable We definitely understand the desire to look good, but now isn't the time for lace up, over-the-knee boots and loads of layers. You'll thank us when you get into the dressing room and are trying on all the good stuff you snatched up. As much as we love accessorizing an outfit, we'll be keeping it low key this weekend in simpler ensembles and easy on, easy off shoes. thinksmall At least when it comes to your handbag. A cute crossbody bag with just the essentials (phone, card, keys, lipstick) is all you need. You'll be hands-free, making it easier for you to scour the sales racks and eventually, haul the goods back to your car. makealist You know those times when you've gone shopping for gifts and only ended up with stuff for yourself? Not this time, sister. Start making your list of people to shop for and things to buy now. Hitting the sales with some sort of strategy in mind will help you save time, and not lose sight of what you're really there to buy. getaheadstart Don't let colder weather sway you into thinking sweaters are the only thing that deserve to be on your list. Winter won't last forever (though sometimes it feels that way), and all those spring weddings and summer vacays will be here before you know it. Take this chance to get dresses, swimwear and other warm weather essentials at their lowest prices. itsabouttime If you're a Midwest, East Coast, or international babe, keep in mind Van de Vort works on Pacific Standard Time. Our Black Friday sale starts at 10am Friday and will go straight through Cyber Monday, so make sure to check what that means in your time zone and set your alarms accordingly. createaccount Did you know you can create an account on our site that will store all past orders, allow you to track new ones, and save billing and shipping addresses? Create your account now and save your address so that when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around you can be as efficient as possible. sizeitup One of the hardest things about shopping online is finding your right size. Start your research now by heading to the site and checking our size guide to see how different items fit. If you're still not sure, feel free to hit us up via email at or comment questions on our Instagram. We'll do our best to get back to you ASAP with any info you need!

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