How To Layer Necklaces

Child Of Wild Necklaces Layering Before we get started, two things: 1. It's hard writing a post on layering necklaces without incessantly making rap references (i.e. "stacks on stacks on stacks", 2 Chainz), but 2. We'll try our hardest. Now that that's out of the way... When it comes to accessorizing an already on point outfit, there's one telltale skill that separates the rookies from the pros: layering necklaces. There's a big difference between throwing on three necklaces then calling it a day, and stacking pieces that despite varying textures and vibes, look like soulmates in the form of one killer statement piece. So how TF do you do it? By now you should know we'd never leave you hanging; keep reading for our three different approaches to executing that perfectly layered necklace look. Frasier Sterling Low Rider Gold Moon, Jessica Matrasko Emily Choker

Start Small

A foolproof trick for layering necklaces is to start small, with the most delicate piece closest to your neck, and more substantial pieces on longer chains. Here we started with a delicate choker by Jessica Matrasko, followed with a Frasier Sterling lariat-style necklace, then finished it off with this House of Harlow stunner. Follow this 'small-to-big' formula for an effortless, everyday look.   Tess + Tricia Classic Gold Ombre Antler Necklace, Evil Eye Choker

Add An Unexpected Element

Layering necklaces is all about playing with lengths, textures and weights. We love the juxtaposition of this tiny evil eye choker and an earthy antler necklace by Tess + Tricia with unexpected gold ombre detailing. A mid length chain with an unfinished, silver-y stone accent (here's a similar one) strikes a perfect balance between the short and long pieces.   Child of Wild Turkish Coin Tribal Collar,

Break The Rules

Dainty golds are typically the chain of choice when layering necklaces, and small-to-big is a surefire formula to follow, but as with most things in fashion, rules were made to be broken. Throw all you've learned out the window and stack a heavy tribal coin collar on top of a vintage-y lariat and white turquoise antler necklace. Want even more? This silver beaded piece by Tess + Tricia was made for layering, and adds just enough sparkle.

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