Five Healthy Living Instagram Accounts To Follow NOW

fivehealthyinstagramaccounts Notice anything new about us (the Shop Van de Vort blog, to be specific)? No? Are you suuuure? Alright, we're running the risk of sounding like a psycho girlfriend here, so we'll just come out and say it. Over the past few weeks we've been making an effort to talk about more than just clothes here in our little corner of cyberspace. Like yeah, we love 'em A LOT, but we also understand that life is about so much more than what we choose to wear. So far this year we've dished about hair, health and all-around self-improvement, and in effort to keep it real, we're addressing the end-of-January elephant in the room AKA breaking your New Year's resolution. According to Shape mag, the number one reason that resolutions tend to fall by the wayside is that too many people attempt them alone, with no outside support. Their solution? Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you. While we're sure you'd looove for us to get all motivational speaker right about now (LOL), we'll spare ya. Instead, we're turning to...Instagram...seriously! While there's a lot of random sh*t (ranging from puppy pics to funny-as-hell memes) on Instagram, there's also a flourishing health and fitness community that's insanely inspiring, and today we're sharing our favorites with you. Next time you think you can't possibly choke down one more green juice, have a scroll through one of these accounts for a dose of motivation. Hannah Andersson, Fashionable Fit, Instagram, Fitspo


Hannah Andersson of @fashionablefit is what happens when a personal trainer meets a personal stylist. She somehow manages to make working out look totally glamorous with on point workout ensembles, the sickest sneakers and swoon-y travel pics. Elsa's Wholesome Life


Ever thought about adopting a plant-based diet? This is your girl. Color fruits and veggies are peppered in among fun lifestyle snapshots, convincing us that forgoing pizza for salad might not be so bad after all. If you're feeling super ambitious and want to replicate some of those photogenic dishes, she also sells a recipe e-book. Sporte Luxe, Bianca Cheah Chalmers, Instagram, Fitspo, Yoga


Bianca Cheah-Chalmers is a boss lady with a serious bod. As the founder of lifestyle site Sporteluxe, health and fitness is definitely her area of expertise. She's a yoga teacher, so if you're a fellow yogi, prepare to fall hard her beautiful feed. Smoothie Bowls, Bali, Nalu Bowls, Instagram, Fitspo


Nalu Bowls is Bali's first smoothie bowl shack, and their feed is exactly what you'd expect it to be---vibrant, fruit filled bowls alongside insane beachscapes. Bali has been on our bucket list for a while now, but after discovering Nalu Bowls, we might have to get ourselves there sooner rather than later. Remi Ishizuka, Kayla Itsines BBG, Fitspo, Instagram


Dem abs tho! Remi Ishizuka is based in LA, so expect to see pics of perfect weather and pretty health food, alongside weekly progress pics. She's a follower of fitness guru Kayla Itsines, a trainer from Australia who's built a social media empire around her workouts and meal plans.

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