The Cutest Coachella Hairstyles

Coachella hair, don't care? With all that goes into getting festival-ready, it's easy to overlook your locks. But not this year.

Between the drying desert heat, potential dust storms and no time to be washing and drying your hair, having an arsenal of ready-to-go hairstyles (and a whole lot of dry shampoo) is your best bet when it comes to attending a three-day music festival. So today, we're rounding up some of our favorite low maintenance, no-fuss, festival-inspired 'dos. 

Coachella Hairstyles, Gigi Hadid Coachella Style, Music Festival Fashion

Let's face: it your chances of getting to wash your hair are slim to none, especially if you're car camping or piling into a house with friends. Start the weekend off with fresh locks and minimal product. The less product you start out with, the less buildup you'll have to deal with in the following days. The first day at a music festival is your best chance to rock those relaxed, free flowing waves and cute half-up buns.

Coachella Hairstyles, Gigi Hadid Coachella Style, Music Festival Fashion, Dutch Braids, Cornrows, Lavender Hair

By day two your hair will definitely be a little dirtier, but it's likeIy that most of the grime will be near your roots. We recommend spritzing just a bit of dry shampoo along your hairline and letting it sit for a few minutes before brushing it through and styling. Second day hair tends to hold styles better than freshly washed, so take this opportunity to rock cute cornrows or double dutch braids. If your roots are too dirty to deal with, cover up with cute bandana or head wrap.

Coachella Hairstyles, Double Buns, Braided hair, Music Festival hats, festival fashion

Day three is the perfect time to go all out with the up-dos. You'll want to work some dry shampoo in around the crown of your head, but be careful once you get to your ends--ater a few days of dry desert heat, they've likely taken a beating. We like smoothing the ends of our hair out with a tiny bit of hair oil to prevent breakage, and then styling into two tight buns or french braiding around the nape of the neck and sticking it all under a wide brimmed hat. 


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