Warm Weather Trends We Can't Wait To Wear

Despite the fact that VDV HQ is located in San Diego and we have just about zero reason to ever complain about a lack of sunshine (lucky us we know, we know!), we're still celebrating the return of warm weather. While we love layering, re-upping our boot wardrobe and dolling up for the holidays as much as the next babe, our favorite occasion to dress for hands down has to be a day spent outdoors, preferably on the beach basking in the sun. Sure, dressing for warm weather can be decidedly simple (jeans, tee, sandals--done), but just because less clothing is required come late spring and early summer doesn't mean we'll be choosing our outfits with any less enthusiasm. In fact, some of our favorite trends are the ones that hit when temps start to soar. Here are the ones we can't wait to wear for spring and summer in 2016:

for love and lemons white lace outfit

winston white romper

All White Everything

We'd never be so old fashioned as to say that white shouldn't be worn past Labor Day--but we DO find ourselves getting extra excited to wear head-to-toe white come summer and spring. White lace ensembles are perfect for dressier occasions and we love a lightweight linen romper for everyday. 


Lace Up White Shorts, Child of Wild Bracelets

lace up white lace romper

Lace-Up Detailing

Lace-up details aren't going anywhere this spring and summer, and we're so happy about it. We love the bit of sexiness a little lace-up adds to an outfit and can't wait to carry that vibe through our summer looks. A deep V bodysuit with a lace-up neck is perfect for tucking into cutoffs, or rock the trend on a pair of shorts with lace-up sides


Summer outfit, denim cutoffs

Unfinished Hems

When it comes to warm weather style, we think nothing should be too neat. Slouchy silhouettes and beachy waves are always welcome, and we think this is the perfect time of year to break out all your denim with frayed and unfinished hems. Spend a Saturday DIY-ing some denim shorts with your girlfriends, or for a quicker fix, try this pair by Blank NYC


off the shoulder romper rocky barnes jetset diaries off the shoulder jagger dress

Off-The-Shoulder Anything 

Just say no to tan lines. Prevent any awkward shoulder strap tan lines by going shoulder-less as much as possible this spring/summer. An off-the-shoulder top, dress or romper feels super romantic, especially when paired with loose hair and a little coconut oil dabbed on your décolletage for some sun-kissed sheen. 

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