A Picnic In The Park With Erica Kentosh & Carolyn Harper

In addition to all the new outfit opportunities that warm weather brings, we're also really looking forward to spending more time outdoors. Festival season really kicks things off, and from there out you can expect to find us at the beach, sipping champs on a patio or, if we're really lucky, sprawling out in the sunshine for a park picnic with friends! 

Erica Kentosh, Carolyn Harper

We came across these ah-ma-zing images posted by a couple of our fav #VDVBabes, Carolyn Harper of Always Against The Grain and eponymous blogger Erica Kentosh. The second we saw them, we knew we had to share and get the scoop on how it all went down. Straight from the mouths of blogger babes--here's our interview with Carolyn and Erica:

Erica Kentosh, Carolyn Harper, Always Against The Grain Blog

We love the idea of ringing in warm weather with a picnic in the park with friends! What was your inspiration in planning this outing?

We all live in this really cute part of town called German Village [in Columbus, Ohio]. And Shiller Park is in the heart of GV. The park is always blooming with flowers in the spring and we wanted to take advantage of that! A park picnic was an obvious choice for Earth Day.

What are the must-have items for entertaining outdoors?

Amazing throw blankets, multiple bottles of rosé, good food, and a great camera.

Favorite warm weather drink?

Rosé all the way!

The images from this outing are insanely dreamy--any tips for getting picture perfect snaps while shooting outdoors?

Getting it picture perfect is important and takes a little effort. We are both really picky about lighting and background. So we did our homework with a little location scout earlier that day. Lighting is everything and we wanted to make sure we had it right! The floral backdrop was another must-have! 

Erica Kentosh, Carolyn Harper, Always Against The Grain

Dying to see more? Who could blame you? Make sure to check out Erica and Carolyn on Instagram for more shots from their dreamy Earth Day park picnic. 

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