Best Sushi Ever: Fresh Sushi Catering

WARNING: Extreme happiness and praise over sushi in this blog post!

This past Monday, the girls of Van De Vort had a team bonding dinner and because we seriously have the best boss in the world, we had the most amazing opportunity of having a private sushi chef cater our dinner. Patrick Lee Giles of Fresh Sushi Catering whipped up some of the most amazing sushi we've ever had. Period. It was seriously SO GOOD. Have I emphasized how good it was yet? Lol, but because of that, we thought he deserved a special shoutout because if you are thinking of what kind of food to cater to your next party or event... it is definitely sushi from Fresh Sushi Catering, hands down. Even one of our girls who is NOT a fan of sushi said it was good. I mean, does that give you a better idea about how good it was beside me just saying it? Listed below is what we had for dinner Monday night. 

The Appetizers:

  • Seaweed Salad
  • Edamame with 4 sea salt selection
  • Chicken Gyoza

The Dinner Menu:

Nigiri (fish over rice)

  • Spanish Blue Fin with black garlic blood orange and bonito soy puree
  • Mt. Cook New Zealand Salmon freeze dried manuka honey and freeze-dried soy sauce (my personal favorite)
  • Hiramasa (baby yellowtail with arugula chimichurri arugula blossoms, ponzu
  • Spanish Blue Fin Toro with jalapeno and aged bonito soy
  • Yellowtail with green pepper yuzu green onion ponzu
  • Kona Kampachi with burnt beet puree, garlic ponzu


  • Spicy Tuna Special: Spicy Tuna, shiso leaf, cucumber, habanero masago
  • Thai Shrimp Tempura: Shrimp tempura, real crab, cucumber, spicy tuna with thai mayploi, spicy aioli and micro cilantro finish
  • PD roll: Spicy blue fin, avocado, crem fresh inside with seared Mt. Cook salmon outside, garlic aioli, eel sauce, bonito flake, green onion finish
  • Vegetarian rolls: Shiso leaf, yagobo, beet, cucumber, avocado, sprouts, mushroom

The Dessert (because there is always room for this, hehe): 

  • Crispy Burnt Unagi with Nutella eel sauce, candied almond, and frozen seasonal citrus

I am a huge sushi fan and I had no idea what half of the stuff on this menu really was, so not going to lie, I was slightly nervous, but was also super excited for dinner. But seriously the entire menu blew me and the rest of the VDV team away. The fish was buttery and just melted in your mouth. It was the best sushi I have personally ever had and I cannot wait to keep bragging about this amazing feast! 

Sadly, but with happy tummies, the meal is over, yet our mouths are still watering over the whole thing. Thank you again to our amazing boss, Andrea Van De Vort @van_de_Vort, and to Chef Patrick Lee Giles, @freshsushicatering!!!!! You guys are the best and now us girls at VDV feel so spoiled and can't wait to have Fresh Sushi Catering again.

Thanks for reading everyone!! Make sure to check out Fresh Sushi Catering for your next event!

Until next time!


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Thank you ladies!!

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