Brand Spotlight: Blackbird

Brand Spotlight: BLACKBIRD

Introducing BLACKBIRD, a brand exploring new concepts in fragrance and design. Van De Vort is  proud to be a retailer of their incense tins and perfumes. Blackbird is based out of Seattle, Washington, USA. They prioritize sustainability, innovation, design, and forward-thinking. All products are handmade in their studio located in Seattle. Blackbird strives to “keep [their] products as sustainable and natural as possible, and are deeply dedicated to continual improvements to [their] formulas, packaging, and methods." They note that they do not believe in the “perfect unboxing experience," which is why their shipping materials are almost always recycled or reused.

Blackbird believes that “scent is a personal expression of your individuality," and that it is truly up to individuals to pick the right scent for them. To find their signature scent, one must go through rounds of what seem to be trial and error. Blackbird offers all of their scents and incense in sample sizes for purchase, along with discovery sets and sample mixes.
With over 14 different perfume scents to choose from, you may just want to snag that sample set. Ranging from notes of banana and electronics to Indian frankincense and nutmeg, there is a scent for everyone. At Van De Vort, we carry Pipe Bomb Eau de Parfum. This was one of the first perfumes they developed back in 2012 for their stores. It is a simple, easy, fresh scent with notes of saltwater, metal, and amber. Anyone can wear it. As per their website, Blackbird came about the name “Pipe Bomb” when they realized it takes longer for the scent to develop on the skin - “like a long lit fuse waiting to ignite." This perfume can take up to 20 minutes before you smell anything and the nose can become anosmic to the scent. 

In addition to Pipe Bomb Eau de Parfum, we carry several Blackbird incense tins. As a sophisticated and hip alternative to a simple candle or room spray, incense cones give off aromatic fragrances that can enhance the scent of any room. Quality incense cones release good aromas, which have been shown to increase serotonin in the brain. Blackbirds’ scents are earthy and complex, while gentle at the same time - making them ideal for everyday use, and for practices such as yoga and meditation. We carry tins in scents Ai, Izba, Lone, Mars, and Ploom. Each sleek, little, black metal tin contains over 20 cones, each having a burn time of about 20 minutes. The scents that radiate from the cones last 2-4 hours depending on the size of the room. In addition, the lid of the tin doubles as a burner for the cone to sit on. Reusable packaging, travel-friendly, and handmade… these incense cones are a perfect on-the-go scent and an incredible gift.

Give your body and personal space some love with a Blackbird fragrance. Head on over to Van De Vort - Del Mar (Flower Hill location) to test out the perfume and incense cones.
Written by Emily Javid 


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