Earth Day Brand Spotlight: Noniko

NONIKO: A sustainable brand 

Introducing a new brand to VDV: NONIKO- a natural, zero-waste skincare brand originating in San Diego. They handcraft and sell natural deodorant in 100% plastic-free packaging. The deodorant contains no aluminum, plastic, parabens, or preservatives and is cruelty-free. Noniko’s care for the environment is inspiring. They designed their deodorant packaging with the intent for it to never need to be replaced. Noniko is one of the many small brands pledging towards a zero-waste policy, and they have made a commitment to be a completely plastic-free company by May 2021. Their deodorant is the first of its kind - they use zero plastic in the products or packaging. Instead, the casing and inserts are made of 100% stainless steel. They are reusable in the sense that they offer refills for the cases, so you only need one for life. 

At VDV, we offer two of different scents of their deodorant; Unwind (lavender + mint) and Drift (green mandarin). All are made from natural ingredients and are not antiperspirants. Antiperspirants use aluminum as their main ingredient, which enters your sweat glands and expands to then block sweat. Instead, Noniko encourages the natural detox process and allows the process of sweating, while neutralizing the odor. Now that there are a plethora of them on the market, people have turned to natural deodorants in the past few years in order to avoid the preservatives and ingredients that come with antiperspirants. Noniko’s website gives great information on the detox process, which is basically a two week period when your body adjusts to the new deo and detoxes the chemicals that it's used to taking in. You might smell for a little bit (don't worry - everyone goes through it) and irritation could occur, but at the end of the process, the aluminum and preservatives will be gone from your body!

Make the switch to natural deodorant and support a small company that is working towards creating a healthier environment and planet. Van De Vort is proud to carry Noniko’s aluminum casings and refills. Go to our “VDV Beauty - Skin” tab on our website to check out Noniko’s deodorant. 





Written by Emily Javid

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