Trend Alert: Cardigan 101

The current San Diego weather report? Cloudy with a chance of confused. It’s that time of year again, the time where we contemplate jeans or shorts, t-shirt or long sleeve.. the list could go on. Us girls know the struggle of trying to get dressed in the morning! Luckily, we’ve found the fashion solution to this perplexing weather: the cardigan. 

Cardigans are definitely one of this season’s go-to trends. They’re the perfect transitional piece to conquer the morning breeze and sunset chill. Add some spice to your outfit by throwing it on over a cute tank or alternatively rock it alone!
One of our current favorites is the Emilie Fuzzy Sweater Cardigan by Vagabond (which was just restocked!). This cozy plush white button-up goes with pretty much everything- and when you wear it, you feel like you’re on Cloud Nine. 
Here’s three of our favorite ways to style them this season: 
1. With denim boyfriend jeans and little heels
Boyfriend jeans and heels have been on trend recently. The cardigan completes the outfit and makes for an easy, effortless and girly look. Accessorize any way you want and wear this out with friends, on a date, or to work! Shop the look from in-stores + online at VDV: 
2. With printed pants and combat boots
Depending on what kind of pants you're feeling, you can style this look to be vintage, dressy, chic- you name it. Shop our look here:
• clutch: Manhattan Clutch
• booties: Senso - Jackson Boots
3. With a miniskirt and booties
This season is all about mismatched textures. Pairing a fuzzy cardigan with metallic or velvet bottoms is such a cute & spunky way to cycle through your wardrobe! This miniskirt and boots look is perfect for any night out or holiday event. Shop our look:

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