Event Recap: Festival Party

Hey babes! As you all know, recently we had our Escapism Festival Party at our One Paseo store to celebrate the exciting upcoming festival season! It was so much fun and we loved every minute of it! There was dancing, @claxtoncellars rosé, @shakeshack burgers, and of course, shopping.


image via @van_de_vort 


People flooded the doors excited to shop and win some raffle prizes! We raffled off some awesome stuff from our favorite brands including @forloveandlemons, @flynnskye, @lackofcoloraus, @crapeyewear, @shopvandevort and @petit.moments! Prizes included dresses, hats, sunnies and hair accessories, all perfect to wear for festival season!


We had an amazing DJ provided by our friends at ACD Gallery and Plumpy Beats to set the mood! Throughout the store, people shopped all of our favorite festival looks and were able to score some perfect outfits for this quickly approaching festival season while enjoying the music and mingling!


image via @van_de_vort 


We had a great time at our Escapism Festival Party and we hope all of you that went did too! As always, we give a huge thanks to our owner, Andrea Van De Vort, for always making these events an amazing success! 


Follow us @shopvandevort to stay updated with all of our upcoming events so you can make sure to go to the next one and enjoy some good music, people and maybe even win some raffle prizes! We hope that you all have a great festival season this year and we'll see you at our next event!




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