Teressa Foglia: Custom Made Hats

Hey VDV babes! Today we are featuring an artist with a passion for making customized hats. Teressa Foglia is a master milliner and it’s clearly shown throughout her beautiful designs. We’re lucky enough here at Van De Vort to have just gotten in some of her perfectly customized designs!  



The hats we just received were all customized specifically for Van De Vort and are sure to sweep you off your feet with their beauty! Her hats feature some amazing details such as beaded silk wraps, feathers wrapped in leather, consciously sourced felts and Ecuadorian/Panama straws. We’re so excited to carry hats as amazing as these!


For this collection, Teressa says, "...these were made bespoke for Van de Vort. The straw comes from Ecuador where we work with artisans who make hats maintaining the techniques taught by their ancestors - a craft that has been recognized by UNESCO. Each piece of toquilla straw is sustainably harvested and handcrafted, taking hours and days of weaving before it arrives to us in New York City. Our felt is ethically sourced and each of these highest grade felts were made and dyed for Van de Vort before they arrived to our studio for blocking and trimming. The hats go through hundreds of steps!" 


Hat Making Process:


Some finished hat designs for Van De Vort:

Teressa Foglia herself has an interesting story as to how she came to find her craft. When traveling in Europe, she found a millinery course that sparked her interest in making hats. She continued learning and making hats in Berlin, London and Los Angeles before releasing her first collection in New York. Her New York location is unique and welcoming, really showing off her personal vibe! 


A Look Inside her New York Store:

Being someone who has traveled around the world, Teressa has a case of wanderlust and she hopes to inspire the human spirit in others through her hats. Her hats fit a wonderful aesthetic that mixes classic styles of millinery with a new edge design. No two hats are ever created the same! 


Note from Teressa:

"I started with a passion for creating custom, one-of-a-kind hats as unique as the wearer. Each hat is handcrafted using the highest quality, ethically sourced fabrics in my Brooklyn atelier + shop. My mission is to inspire the human spirit one hat at a time, all while maintaining a responsible and transparent manufacturing process."



Thanks again to Teressa Foglia for customizing these amazing hats for Van De Vort! We hope you got to know her and her craft a little bit better and are inspired to check out these awesome hats. Read more about her and check out her designs at teressafoglia.com




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