Friendsgiving Ideas 2017

(Dress: Bridget Mini)

Hi everyone!! We are half way through November and you know what that means... It's Friendsgiving season! If you are busy with work or school and can't be with your family for the holiday, Friendsgiving saves the day. But regardless of whether you are spending this holiday with your family or not, Friendsgiving is a tradition we have all come to know and love. Because what's better than dedicating and spending the day celebrating all the good friends in our lives!? 

Here are some of our favorite food and cocktail drinks this season to share with your friends this Friendsgiving. Links to each recipe below!

1) M U L L E D R E D W I N E . (Recipe from How Sweet Eats, also includes mulled white wine)

  • Sugar, spice, and everything nice... but actually. Mulled red wine has a wonderful mix of both sweet ingredients and spices, and of course wine. If you have never tried mulled red wine before, you will not regret it. Serve this up at your Friendsgiving dinner, because it will not disappoint. 

2) G R E E N B E A N C A S S E R O L E . (Recipe from Campbell's)

  • My personal fave. It's a classic recipe many of you probably already know, but I couldn't not share this one! This recipe is so easy and so yummy, and along with the garlic mashed potatoes recipe below and some turkey, you can't go wrong. 

3) G A R L I C M A S H E D P O T A T O E S . (Recipe from Taste of Home)

  • Because it's not thanksgiving/friendsgiving without mashed potatoes. And seriously, almost everyone loves mashed potatoes, so again... you really can't go wrong with this favorite, classic dish. 

4) H O T B U T T E R E D R U M . (Recipe from The Kitchen Is My Playground)

  • Mmmm. Just saying it sounds yummy. Hot buttered rum is the perfect dessert drink once you and your friends have stuffed your bellies with dinner. Plus, there is always room for dessert. Whip this one up to end the night on a wonderfully sweet note! 

And last but not least, we all need an outfit for Friendsgiving, so come check out our Friendsgiving collection here

(Pictured left to right: Waylon Jacket - Multi, Luciana Jacket - Bright Multi, Waylon Jacket - Brown)

Thanks for reading and we hope you all have a wonderful Friendsgiving with the people you love! Let us know if you try any of these recipes and which is your favorite!

Until next time, babes!



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