Guest Feature: Blogger Francesca Felix Smith

Hey loves! We love Francesca's style and wanted to give you all the inside scoop on what it takes to be such an awesome fashion/lifestyle blogger! Keep reading to get to know Francesca!

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  1. Q: What motivated you to become a blogger/vlogger?

A: I initially started my blog because I wanted a space where I could explore my love for fashion. It was more of a daily diary of my outfits and a way to explore and get creative with photography at the same time. I was able to connect with like-minded people and share ideas with a community that I couldn't find in my everyday life. Today my blog ( is a great creative space where I share daily outfits and styling tips so other women can get ideas on how to incorporate the looks or ideas with her style. I also share photography and social media tips, as well as travel guides.

  1. Q: What's your favorite part about being a blogger/vlogger?

A: My favorite part is being my own boss and being able to combine work with travel. It's always been a dream of mine to be able to work remotely. I also get to meet a lot of great people in the community and I've made a lot of great friends who are also fellow creatives. If it wasn't for what I do, I would have never met so many amazing people who have the same interests as me. I also love that I get to be creative on the daily.

  1. Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I love to mix high end with low-end pieces. Being comfortable and still remaining stylish is something I look for when shopping. I find it hard to define my style. I can go from Urban Edgy Streetstyle to Vacation Boho Chic. It really just depends on where I am at the moment, the weather, and my mood, but I think the underlying factor is clothes with unique details and a little edge to them. All about those details.

images via @frankvinyl

  1. Q: Where do you hope the future takes you and your passion?

A: I would really like to start expanding the Frank Vinyl brand into something that contributes to fashion in a positive way. I would like to have my own line, whether that be dresses or hats or even something else. I find there is a bit of a void in the sustainable fashion world and while there are many brands out there doing sustainable lines, few of them are brands I would love to wear over and over again. I would love to encourage my readers to start shifting their mindset to support smaller independent slow fashion brands instead of the super big companies. Whatever I do, I just know it will be something in the creative field and I hope I always have a community (like I do now) where we can always be sharing ideas and our passions with each other.

  1. Q: What are your favorite Spring trends this year?

I'm definitely a fan of all things that are Marigold or Mustard color (which is going to be huge this spring) and I'm still not over animal prints, especially leopard. I'm also digging the whole tie-dye look. There are so many ways to wear it and I'm excited to go full on Cali girl with it.

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Thanks Francesca for sharing your story with us at Van De Vort! Go follow her and check her out @frankvinyl!



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