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There's nothing like the little things in life that make us happy, and for us, thats home goods! Good news for you, because we have a ton of home accessories right now to spice up your home and make you smile every time you step through your front door!

Who doesn't love candles?! These candles smell absolutely amazing- you seriously can't go wrong with either one. We always love lighting candles as a way to make a room instantly smell amazing or just because they give a nice ambiance and set the mood for relaxation. If you're wanting a refreshing scent, then we suggest getting the Lemon and Oak candle , it features notes of amber, lemongrass, tea and citrus peel. However, if you're feeling like a more warm and cozy scent, then we suggest getting the Sweet Balsam candle, featuring evergreen, pine cones, and spring bulbs- the perfect candle for Fall and Winter! Plus, look at how cute these tins are! Pro-tip: when the candles are done, wash out the tins to reuse them as a jewelry holder or coin holder!

Now, of course, you need something to light the candles with- don't worry we've got you covered. We are obsessed with these cute lil matches sets. Each match bottle has their own unique saying and design and each comes with a striker strip. These matches come in small or large jars. The small match jar contains 40 matches while the large match jar contains 120. For the small jars, you can choose from the astronomy match jar,  a poetry quote match jar, a "spark" jar, or a "fire" jar. For the large jars, you can choose from the astronomy match jara poetry quote match jar, a "matches" jar, or a "fire" jar. 

With it being the start of a new month, you may want to cleanse your household of any negative energy from the month before. Lucky for you, we have the perfect set! This LVL Collective Good Vibes Ritual Kit contains a 4" white sage smudge stick, a 1" clear quartz and a piece of palo santo. It's the perfect kit for sage beginners or sage pros. Plus, look at the cute reusable bag it comes with to keep all your cleansing goods together. 

Any of these adorable home goods can definitely add some life and character into your homes. Decorating is what makes a home a home and these items can definitely create a warm and cozy feeling and will show off your personality. Enjoy!

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