Last Minute Festival Styling Tips


Hey babes!! We're so stoked festival season is finally here and we know you are too. It can be tough to plan all of your outfits ahead, so in case you're struggling to find the perfect fit, or are running a little behind, here are some key tips to consider!

1. Grab your favorite pair of high-waisted denim shorts and some cute (yet comfortable) booties for an effortless look. Finish it off with the perfect white tee

2. The latest trend: turn a silky scarf or bandana into a cute tie top! There's so many ways to wear these...the possibilities are endless. 

3. Mix up your outfits! Make sure there is some variety between each day so that every outfit you wear is unique. This might include shorts, dresses, flowy pants, skirts, rompers, etc. 

4. Jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. It is simply impossible to overaccessorize at a festival. Layer on some necklaces and stack a few bracelets to dress up any outfit. 

5. Bring a mini backpack! This is an essential aspect of every outfit! An awesome bag makes all the difference. They are so much easier to carry all day and you can fit all your goodies inside (hint hint check out last week's blog post, What's In Your Festival Bag)

6. Don't be afraid to get a little funky! One of the best things about going to a festival is seeing how everyone expresses themselves through their clothes. Choose outfits that look bomb and empower you at the same time. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. And don't forget to be yourself! 

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