Line Showing With Zulu & Zephyr

Thanks to Zulu & Zephyr, we got a sneak peak at their Resort 2020 collection recently at our One Paseo location! Huge thanks to Mel Colman for coming all the way from Australia to teach us about this awesome line. From pastel swimsuits to cargo shorts, we loved every piece in this collection.



All of the #vdvbabes came out for this event and learned the ins and outs of this collection to come. All of the employees got to pick their favs out of the collection and get a hands-on feel for what this line is like. It was so much fun getting to see sneak peeks of such an amazing line that’s going to be released in November through January!



We love the soft pastels that this line incorporates into sundresses, ribbed shorts, and of course a bunch of swimmies! We loved getting to spend some quality time with our rep Mel Colman and one of our favorite Aussie brands. We can't wait for you to see all the goodness that's to come for Resort 2020, get ready!


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