Our Gym Checklist: Workout Routine & Outfits

Hi fit girls! We all know trying to get the perfect Summer body can be hard, but we’re here to help make it easy! We’re gonna give you our Summer workout routine to help get your body in shape. Not just that though, we're also going to give you two super cute workout outfit ideas to wear to the gym! 

We don’t know about you guys, but we love a good booty and tummy workout. We made one easy enough for you to follow anytime you hit the gym this Summer:


  • 2 sets of 30 squats
  • 2 sets of 18 side leg lifts
  • 25 back leg lifts
  • 2 sets of 18 jump squats
  • 1 set of 30 kick squats


  • 2 sets of 30 leg lifts
  • 2 sets of 30 crunches
  • 2 sets of 30 bike crunches
  • 1 set of a 30 second plank
  • 2 sets of 18 Spiderman planks
  • 2 sets of 18 pull in crunches

VDV's Workout Tips:

  • Always make sure to get in a little bit of cardio! Whether it's going for a run or hitting the elliptical.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated when working out. (and all the time!)
  • Eating healthy, balanced meals will help you get the best results and feel your very best!
  • Don’t forget your Coconut Deodorant to stay smelling fresh throughout all your workouts!


Hopefully, with this easy Summer workout guide, you’re starting to feel a little bit more motivated to hit the gym! For even more motivation, we’re going to give you some workout styles we love. 



Biker shorts are so in right now, and we love that you can wear these as part of a casual outfit or to the gym! For the look on the right, we paired the Ribbed Biker Shorts and the Veronica V Bra to satisfy all of your baby blue dreams! Throw on the Baby Tee and your favorite pair of workout shoes to complete this look.


For the outfit on the left, we started with the Biker Baby Short and the Idris Solid Bra for a neon look! These high-rise biker shorts compliment any figure and the fabric to this set makes it comfortable enough to wear all day. The Foster Tee is perfect to throw on over this outfit if you want to be a little more covered at the gym.


We hope we got you hyped for your next gym visit with this easy to follow workout routine and our favorite gym outfit styles. It’s never too late to start working on that Summer bod! Tag us in all of your photos @shopvandevort wearing your VDV essentials this Summer.



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