We have officially launched VDV Beauty- a destination on for all things BEAUTY, and we wanted to enter the beauty space the right way- so we brought in a beauty expert from Los Angeles to help build VDV Beauty.

Alex has worked in LA in the skincare & beauty industry for 7 years- with experience & expertise in all aspects of the field: From skincare to beauty to hair care to neutracosmetics... We are SO excited to have her with us to grow VDV Beauty! We’ve brought in the expert & have so many exciting things coming up… 

We interviewed Alex on her path with VDV Beauty and what’s to come:

What is your goal for VDV Beauty

So many people want to get into clean beauty but don’t know where to start or what brands to go for- I can admit, the industry is overwhelming! We’ve created a curated selection and done the hard work for you- any brand VDV Beauty carries will be clean, % organic, and amazing for your skin. I really want VDV Beauty to become a destination spot for beauty shoppers. We will always carry thoughtful brands with amazing ingredients. I want you to shop with us like you would a Sephora, Ulta beauty, or clean beauty boutique. 

What is your favorite part about the beauty/skincare industry?

My favorite part of the industry is how accepting & positive it is. Self-care is so important- especially now. So it’s definitely getting the respect it deserves. Beauty routines aren’t seen as frivolous anymore because there is true psychology behind them making you feel better inside & out. It’s so important. I’m also really excited that clean beauty is finally having its rightful moment.

What is your favorite product if you only had to choose one?

Face oil...all day every day! Even on oily skin. Even on acne-prone skin. The right oils can reverse acne & balance oil. My skincare brand Ephemere Skin carries the BEST organic day & night oils- for the perfect routine. I can’t skip a day.

What is a common misconception about the skincare industry?

That you need a million ingredients in one product to make it good. Something people don’t talk about is the fact that if you blend too many ingredients- it actually can negate the effects of certain vitamins & ingredients. You have to be so careful because they can claim it has “X, Y, Z” in the bottle- but the blend dulled the effects. It’s tricky. 

What is next for VDV Beauty?

We have so many amazing brands coming in, it’s really going to be an amazing curation of products you can 100% trust. Natural, vegan, & European inspired lines… after that the sky's the limit! :)

Tell us a little about your organic skincare line Ephemere Skin?

This line is my baby! After working for years in the skincare/beauty space in LA, I decided there was a gap in the industry- people were begging for quality over quantity skincare ingredients. Overwhelmed, confused, and annoyed- people would just give up on trying to clear or heal their skin. I knew it was my time to help bridge the gap between skincare education and the consumer. It’s about choosing the right superfood, adaptogenic, powerhouse ingredients, and getting them in their purest form and letting them really shine. These products won’t break you out, in fact- they’ll help clear your acne & inflammation within weeks. The botanicals I choose to work with are centuries-old & have been healing skin for decades- it’s about educating people about how wonderful they are. 

So many people think that if they have oily skin they can’t use oils, or don’t care if their products are organic- both of these are myths that I can debunk. Oily skin doesn’t mean hydrated skin, it actually means your products are too harsh or there is a hormonal imbalance causing your body to produce too much oil, the skin underneath the oil can still be dehydrated. My oils balance sebum production and hydrate the deepest layer of the skin. Also, when your products are organic, it’s proven the ingredients actually work better and are at a higher antioxidant level- which helps actually fight free radicals that break down your skin on a cellular level and cause aging. 

When it comes to your skin, simple, organic ingredients are key to fighting inflammation, hydrating, firming the skin, protecting the skin, and healing acne. For example, my Sunrise Day Oil is 100% Organic Calendula oil infused in a USDA organic blend of olive oil and sunflower oil. This seemingly simple product has natural SPF benefits, fights inflammation, calms acne, deeply hydrates, firms the skin, may reverse wrinkles over time, heals minor scrapes and rashes, and even can cure your baby’s diaper rash. All in one ingredient. This is why choosing correctly is so important.






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