When it comes to 2020 trends, the first one that really comes to mind outside of two-piece sets & athleisure is definitely light blue. Whichever form it showcases itself as (baby blue, powder blue, light blue, sky, pastel, etc.) we are here for it! Pastels have really transported themselves outside of Spring & easter eggs & are now wildly loved as some of the most flattering tones on every skin tone! Baby Blue has really been the front runner in color-ways we're seeing absolutely everywhere. Further proving our point? Our pastel blue "My Dog Is My Best Friend" sweatshirt sold out 4 times. Aside from that, baby blue two piece sets are flying off the shelves, sky blue dresses are highly coveted, and the color is simply getting harder and harder to find before it sells out!

We couldn't be more in love with this Spring/Summer trend and really don't see it going away anytime soon. Pastels for Winter are also extremely fashion forward and elegant. ANIMARI just launched and also features lots of pastel blue hues from their silky Celine tee to their Giselle Power Suit in pastel blue snake! This color brings to mind Versailles, and Paris in the days of Marie Antoinette. The hue is also extremely flexible- ranging from sporty looks to very feminine looks. Light blue just translates well in every genre. Check out some of our favorites below:



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