Mother's Day: The VDV Edit

The Ultimate Mother's Day Wishlist from our VDV Boss Babe, Andrea Van De Vort.
1.  The "Love Will Not Be Cancelled," mommy + me collection. "The only thing cuter than twinning with your mini, is twinning with a positive message attached. Oh, and proceeds going towards our Front Line Healthcare workers is just an added bonus.
2. The Lisa Midi. "How many occasions pass by where you think "I wish I had a pretty white frock to throw on"? This one checks all of the boxes - from family photos, to the farmers market, to cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen... I love throwing this dress on, instantly feeling like a major upgrade from my as-of-late daily sweatsuit, but without compromising any comfort"
3. The Linné Botanicals Scrub. "If there was a magical potion for making skin look it's freshest yet, this is the product. I am obsessed with this dry scrub - my skin is instantly brighter, softer, and pores... where'd they go?! Instructions say to use once a week, but I'll sneak it in 2-3 times because it's just that good."
4. The Caty Boots. "If I could even count the number of times each week that the Catys get thrown on. These boots literally go with everything and are so comfy.  The perfect height and snakeskin textured leather, need I say more..."
5. A Teressa Foglia handmade hat. "Hats are like handbags, you wear them often and with multiple outfits, and they really are the final touch that determines how good your overall look is. Investing in a handmade, ethically sourced hat with fine finishes is something you will never regret purchasing. Once you go Teressa, you don't go back..."

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