Now And Then

Take a step back in the past.. Now a couple steps forward to the future and you'll arrive at our newest lookbook appropriately named "Now And Then". This collection of looks is an ode to the deep down 70's chick who strives to remain on trend no matter the decade. 

1. The Eva Blouse

Looking for a top thats just as cute as it is effortless? The Eva Blouse is every VDV babes go to. Pair it with your favorite vintage denim during the day and a mini at night. Easy!

2. J.O.A Cable Cropped Sweater

Fall is cooling off but ever wondered what a winter in San Diego looks like?                          This. Outfit.                                                                                                                         Trust us when we say you're never going to want to take this one off and paired with a VDV THE LABEL Sienna Slip, why should you have to? Add an Annie bandana for that extra flare. 

3. Mon Cheri Cropped Sweater

We finally found a sweater that is the perfect mix of simple and sweet, AND big enough to make a statement (major key), The Mon Cheri Cropped Sweater from none other than For Love and Lemons. Pair this one with a classic pair of bells (hint: these are on sale!) and you'll leave the house looking like a true fox!

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