DIY-ing Raw Hem Denim

While denim itself is a classic, the way in which we wear it from season to season is constantly changing. For years it was the skinnier, the better. Then came the boyfriend jean. Currently, it's not so much the silhouette setting the trend, but the details that determine which dungarees are en vogue--and right now it's all about a raw, unfinished hem. 

We've currently got a few iterations in stock at VDV Del Mar and via Shop VDV (a black version here, and a white pair here). But if you're feeling brave (and in possession of a pair of jeans you're ready to give the chop) a raw hem is fairly easy to DIY. Keep reading for some raw hem denim inspiration and tips for tackling the trend at home. 

DIY Raw Denim Hem with Suede Mules

Straight Across

This is by far the easiest way to DIY an unfinished hem. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors (trust us, they make all the difference!). Be sure to try your jeans on first and measure the amount you want to take off, then cut straight across. Throw your jeans in the dryer for a few minutes to loosen up some of those white threads to give it a more lived-in look. 

How to DIY a Rough Cut Raw Denim Hem via Shop VDV

Rough Cut

For a more casual look, chop your denim unevenly, leaving the back hem about an inch longer than the front. You can use a seam ripper to pull out some of the threads, or just wear them as-is and let the hem continue to fall out more naturally. Just make sure that when you wash these, you lay them flat to dry to keep them bottoms from unraveling too much. 

DIY Unrolled Denim Hem


Tall girls, this one's for you. For the most part, DIY-ing a raw hem involves cutting at least an inch from the bottom of your jeans. And if you're lucky enough to be long-legged, that might pose a problem. If you're looking to ADD length to your jeans, use a seam ripper to unroll the hem, which will extend the hem about two inches. Once unrolled, pull out some of the side stitches to vent, then use an iron to straighten it all out. 

DIY Fringe Denim Hem


A super fringe-y hem definitely isn't for the faint of heart, but believe us when we say this looks ah-ma-zing with a pair of your highest heels. To DIY it, cut straight across, then use a seam ripper to vent the sides and to pull the horizontal threads out--two inches up is a good place to start. From there, wash and dry as normally to give the fringe a more imperfect look. For a visual, check out this HonestlyWTF DIY post. 

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