Team Spotlight: Haley

New month, new team spotlight! We're back at it again highlight our VDV babe, Haley <3 Haley is one of our store managers and the assistant buyer for VDV. We love her so much and can't wait for you to get to know her a little better! Keep scrolling to read more about our lovely Haley!

  • How many years have you been working at VDV
    • "I have been working at VDV for just over 3 years:)"
  • What is the best part about working at VDV?
    • "The best part about working at VDV is working with amazing people who have become my best friends. It's so much fun to see everyone's different take on trends and styling."

  • What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
    • "My guilty pleasure TV show is definitely the Bachelor (and every spinoff show they've made)."
  • What is your dream/fave travel location?
    • "My dream travel location is Paris, France and my favorite location I've been to so far is probably Rome! I felt like I was walking through a painting at all times :)"

  • What is your favorite brand and why?
    • "My favorite brand is Stone Cold Fox. I always feel a little extra special and feminine when wearing their timeless pieces."
  • Describe your perfect day off.
    • "My perfect day off would start by taking my dogs for a walk with my husband and getting coffee. The perfect ending would be meeting up with friends at a happy hour and having endless laughs!"
    • Tell us 3 things you always have on you (aka you can't live without)
      • "My Kopari Lip Love, my Swell water bottle, & Le Labo Noir 29"
    • What are your must-have items from the store?
      • "My must-have items at the store right now are the Jeffrey Campbell white patent Muse boots and any/every Daydreamer band tee;)"
    Hope you babes enjoyed getting to know our girl, Haley, a little bit better <3 Come visit her at the shop and get styled by her!
    Thanks for reading!

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