The Art of Morning Routines

Mornings look different for everyone. Some are slow, many are rushed, and others seemingly don’t exist. The VDV girls have been talking, and we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your mornings bright and productive. Here they are for all of you who have been searching for a new killer morning routine, or those who simply need a reminder!

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Light a candle and make your bed. 

Your mother always told you to do so, and we’re not here to tell you any different. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with the feeling of coming home to a clean bed and leaving your room smelling good (don't forget to blow it out before you leave). Shop our favorite candles here.

Drink water.

Stay hydrated. No explanation needed. 

Do your skincare routine.

(Or take a long hot shower if you have the time). Wash, hydrate, and awaken your skin! Click here to check out our favorite skincare products on our website.

Get at least 10 minutes of movement.

Whether it's simply stretching, a quick yoga flow, or a morning workout class - your body will thank you. 

Do something other than go on your phone or be on social media.

Save those distractions for later - don’t let them be the first thing your mind goes to right when you wake up. Here’s a few things the VDV girls do:
Play with and feed our dogs
Water our plants
15-minutes of words: write in a journal entry or read a book (physical copy)

Make the perfect cup of joe. (Or matcha).

After trial and error, we’ve fine-tuned our morning matcha recipe.
Simply mix 1 scoop of ceremonial-grade matcha with a little bit of water and whisk together. Sweeten with agave, honey, or brown sugar to your liking. Add more water or your milk of choice, and serve over ice. Top with cinnamon <3

Get dressed.

Sometimes, this can be the hardest part. We recommend finding your comfiest bra and undies as a starting point. We’ve been loving the new OW Intimate Collection over at Van De Vort. Match your outfit to the vibe you’re feeling that day, and voila! Ready for the day.

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