Give the gift that keeps on giving this year. 2020 has been a total wake up call for so many of us, a shift in perspective. Supporting local small businesses & being as sustainable as you can be on your own have become increasingly important. When & if the market shelves become bare again- having your own edible garden is priceless. One of our favorite gifts to give this season has to be our dear friend Outer Spaces Landscaping. Gifting outside of the garden-box per-se. 

We sat down with Cory Roberts, the Owner of Outer Spaces Landscaping to chat all things gardening & why the gift of a garden is one of the best gifts this 2020 holiday season.

Hi Cory! We absolutely love everything you do with Outer Spaces Landscaping, how did you get started in the business?

Cory- I've been working with plants all my life, my mom had a garden when I was around 6 that I would tend to and the green thumb really lasted ever since. When Covid hit, I knew I needed to spread the word on growing your own food and showing people how easy and fun it can be.

What is your favorite thing about working with plants?

Cory- Definitely teaching people how to be sustainable on their land, growing their own herbs, veggies, fruits, and teas...it's a really special feeling. Working with plants everyday is also just a wonderful thing. There are so many studies that show working with plants increases longevity and calms you. Gardening is good for the body & the mind. It's also great for kids to learn how to grow their own food & where food comes from.

Why is a garden box such an amazing gift this season?

Cory- 2020 has made it very apparent that we never know what's coming next. When it comes to feeding yourself and your family, it's nice to know you have that covered at home and can grow a safety net with your food supply. Working with the plants also calms you and helps with depression and anxiety- both of which are side-effects of a global pandemic. Gardening is truly the gift that keeps on giving. I see everyone having their own gardens in the future purely out of necessity & also because it's very practical. 

What garden did you create for Andrea, Owner of Van De Vort?

Cory- We did a special mix of herbs, veggies, and tea herbs because she loves to cook and wants to be able to show her son Cannon and future son to be how to grow their own food. I also did an amazing sensory table for Cannon that he uses as a mud kitchen. We did three garden boxes for Andrea & they turned out beautifully. 

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