Amidst the covid era and especially during quarantines “work from home” shift, we have grown a dependency to our screens. We have been looking at our devices more than ever to keep up with the changing headlines, causing strain in our eyes. We are hyperfocusing on daily information that we receive at a rapid rate due to looking at phones, tablets, and computers. All of that time online is not healthy, constant screen exposure causes digital eye strain, dryness, muscle strain, and overall damage to our eyesight and productiveness. 

Blue light is emitted from natural light sources as well as digital. It is better to focus on reducing your exposure as it has many health benefits such as increased productivity and better sleep. During the day, blue light stimulates us and wakes us up, but too much blue light makes it harder to sleep. Also, with the many emails, phone calls, text and social media notifications that flood us before bed, the fight to fall asleep becomes even more difficult. The blue light that is emitted from the screen suppresses melatonin, leaving us restless and costing us our good night's sleep. Thankfully new research provides us with solutions: Blue light blocking glasses. This product aids those faced with the long work nights behind a screen and tired eyes. By wearing blue light glasses you are left more productive and better rested the next day due to reduced exposure. The glasses are in fact safe to wear all day long, inside or outside without causing any adverse effects.  Both protective and stylish, blue light blocking glasses are the ultimate essential 2020 accessory (besides your mask).  

No prescription needed. Blue light glasses are for everyone, and we have been noticing their popularity in 2020 as they have taken over the eyeglass market.  With their diverse styles, there is a pair for everyone. Trends spotted: dark amber tinted lenses, hip-vintage styles, classic and simple readers,  and our favorite of them all, the I SEA collection. We adore the stylish and chic look of the I SEA glasses in stock now at Van De Vort. A functional addition to your wardrobe that is made affordable without sacrificing comfort or quality, and in the cutest Amelia frame ($28.00). Along with blue light blocking technology to ease the strain on your eyes, they are made ergonomically balanced to further prevent headaches. They sit comfortably on your face increasing the ability to focus on daily to-do’s, and create a healthy work flow. 

As we approach the holiday season, the I SEA blue light blockers make the perfect gift. (Treat yourself too)  We think protective eyewear pairs with self care. We recommend gifting a cozy lounge set to accompany the glasses with a candle or VDV beauty item. You can feel stylish and health conscious too. Click add to cart, or visit us at our Van De Vort in store locations to come try on and see yourself. Logging off, 

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