VDV is in a book!

Hey babes!! We're so excited to announce that we are featured in Waiting at Hayden's, a novel by Riley Costello! 

This is the first book where you can shop the characters' clothing pieces! In the digital version of the novel, the VDV wrap dress mentioned on page 42 is hyperlinked so you can automatically shop the outfit. 

Costello's romantic novel revolves around Charli Anderson and Jack Logan, two best friends that fall madly in love only to be faced with the complicated nature of modern-day relationships. The novel takes several unexpected twists, so buy it quick before it sells out to find out how this love story ends!

An Orange native, Santa Clara University graduate and former newspaper columnist and social media manager, Riley Costello is also the amazing woman behind the popular fashion and lifestyle blog by the name of sincerelyriley.com. 

We are so grateful to be featured in this wonderful book. We hope you check out Waiting at Hayden's and love it as much as we do!

Shop Waiting at Hayden's here!


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