What's in Our Festival Bag this Year

Hey loves! With festival season right around the corner, being prepared is more than just having the perfect outfit. Having the right essentials in your bag can keep you feeling refreshed and put together all day. With all of our festival bag essentials you will be looking and feeling good all day long!




1. Bag

Picking the right bag with your outfit for the day can be challenging but we have cute options for you! We chose the Woven Backpack! This bag is big enough to hold the essentials but small enough to be able to frolic around in the desert with it on your back.  


2. Phone Case

A phone case is super important to keep your phone safe while dancing around in the desert. Also, having a super cute phone case makes for an even better outfit! We recommend the Tiger iPhone Case or the Millennial Pink Patent Case. Whichever one you choose, you will be rocking a cute phone that's also protected.


3. Sunglasses

The rays are definitely strong in the desert with the extremely high temps so you’re going to want something to shade your eyes from the sun. With our picks, you can keep your eyes shaded while looking good! We picked the For Eva Sunnies and the Finesse Sunnies. Whatever style you’re rocking that day, one of these pairs will be sure to compliment it perfectly.


4. Beauty Essentials

Coachella is just that much better when you can stay feeling fresh all day. With some of our favorite beauty essentials, we’ll keep you smelling and looking fab. Cool down and keep your skin hydrated with the Coconut Body Oil. Keep those lips glossy and fresh with the Lip Glossy. Bring the Saint Rita Parlor Parfum for a small portable scent to keep you smelling your best despite the desert heat. If you get hot and want your hair pulled back we recommend the Pearl Line Barrette! These beauty essentials will definitely keep you feeling your best all day long and eliminate all your worries! 


5. Extra Goodies 

Some extras we recommend you bringing in your bag are sunscreen, a water bottle, a portable charger and a granola bar for a snack!


If you’re heading to any festivals this year, hopefully we helped you pick some essentials to keep in your bag. Shop the rest of our Festival Shop! We hope you have a great time at whatever festival you’re going to this season. See you there!




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