Après Shop: VibeFlow

Après Shop: The Vibes Edition
We're always looking for new ways to be active and stay fit, which is why we're so excited that VibeFlow opened its first location at One Paseo. This unique yoga studio is tradition meets technology. Practice poses on vibration plates that create g-forces on your body, while using headphones that play only your instructor's voice and calming music. They offer Power Hatha and Power Vinyasa classes for levels 1-3, so there is a class to meet everyone's fitness goals. 
Improved strength and conditioning, as well as reduced joint and back pain, are just a couple of the immense improvements your body will experience while taking classes at VibeFlow. Give yourself the opportunity to tune out the rest of the world while you enjoy your classes. 
Go on, try it out. The first class is free!

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